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Hair fall is a major problem among various people that is found to be grounded by imbalance of hormones, irregularity in diet, oily scalp, hereditary problems, dandruff, excess stress and change of water. Below here are the Frequently Asked Questions, the solutions of which will enable you to treat your hair accordingly, as it is really important to get the core of a problem before you solve it.

Q. What is Hair-fall and to what extent it is bearable ?

Ans. Hair fall is altogether a normal or natural process of our body, if it is about losing 50 to 100 strands every day. But, if you are losing more than the average quantum of hair day-to-day, then you should be feared of a problem. With this this condition you can face the severe problems of hair thinning, widening center partition, a bald patch, on the top & crown etc.

Q. Do you know why Hair-fall occurs more in younger women ?

Ans. Yes, it is completely true that hair loss is affecting younger women, who are in their twenties & early thirties. In this case, obviously age is not the culprit but the modish trends are. The styling, dyeing, coloring, straightening, perming, re-bonding and other heat treatments of hairs can bring hair-disasters, if are not done with safety measures. The products provided at ours are the solutions, enabling you to cope up with the modern trends and organic solutions.

Q. Are you experiencing the same problem repetitively, even after modifying the use of hair oils, shampoos, conditioners & topical medicines and visiting the spas & therapies ?

Ans. Well, the hair follicles are the culprits, which go through four stages in their life cycle – Anagen; the growth phase, Catagen; regression phase, Telogen; the resting and Exogen; the hair-shedding. This cycle is a recurrent number of times for every follicle that results in the growth, regrowth and shedding of hair. Since follicles come in these phases at various times, all hairs from the scalp don't not fall at once. In a healthy scalp, 80-85% of the hair vesicles are in the Anagen (growth) phase, approximately 10% in the Catagen phase, while only 5-10% remain in Telogen & Exogen phases. This insures a full head of healthy hair. If the figure of follicles in the Anagen phase gets reduced drastically, excessive hair fall is the result. If for any reason, the follicles stand in the dormant phase, hair loss may become lasting.

Thus, it can be said that the regrowth and falling of hair is directly connected to the health as well as activity level of hair follicles.

Q. What are the main causes, which play role in affecting the states of hair follicles?

Ans. There are several factors, affecting the health as well as the growth of hairs. Few of them are beyond control such as hereditary or genetic factors, but there are some, on which we can work by improving our lifestyle.

  • Stress : Stress is notorious as the primary cause of early hair fall as well as graying of hair. In the fast paced scenario of today, there is barely anyone uninfluenced by stress. Deficiency of regular exercise as well as a passive lifestyle bring the death knell for hair.
  • Diet or Nutrition : Hair shafts are made with protein (Keratin) and thus a protein based, balanced diet is essential for strong hairs. If the diet is inadequate in proteins or Omega-3 fatty acids, it may cause an awful hair-health.
  • Inadequate hydration : Water assists in the circulation of essential nutrients and withdraws toxins from the body. The dehydrated state of body can lead to weak, fragile and damaged hairs, inclined to shedding.
  • Physical damage to hairs : This can be causes by aggressive combing, tight hair bands, pulling of hair, hard brushing, vigorous friction with towel etc.

Q. How to maintain the good health of hair follicles, by making them active?

Ans. Adopting a better and more progressive lifestyle for the total well being of the body is a must. Have a nutritious diet, workout regularly & do make sure that you stand back from the addictions of tobacco or alcohol etc. Additionally, the pH level of the scalp is critical for keeping a healthy scalp. Human scalp and hair has a pH scale of between 4.5 and 5.5. This natural acidity precludes the maturation of fungi and bacteria, and keeps the epidermis healthy and closed and. When the hair follicles and scalp are healthy, hair fall becomes self-reduced.